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How do you tell bad news well?


How do you tell bad news well? A friend of mine got dumped this week. Not a pretty sight. It doesn’t have to be that way though, in life or in business.

With my friend, it wasn’t so much the message as the way it was done. In fact I think she was quite relieved. This of course begs the question – did this chap do her a favour by acting badly so she had a valid reason to dislike him? That’s for another day. And probably a different blog!

Bad stuff happens and needs to be communicated.
1. We’re not offering you a job.
2. There is no bonus this year.
3. We’re putting our prices up.
4. You didn’t get the promotion.
5. We are discontinuing this product.
6. We are closing this branch.
7. We’re letting you go.

When you and your business need to communicate negative or unwelcome news, why not use the expertise at mymotherscoat? Our aim is to be simple and clear. No ambiguity.

Quite often we turn your challenge into a win-win situation.


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