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Created on: 03/06/2013

Think of this time as a non-negotiable part of the meeting Ė itís a bit like the time it takes to get there and back. Prep and debrief. Whatever.

Youíre the best judge of how much time you will need. And it may well be trial and error at first. Err on the generous side. If you allow 45 minutes and are in done in 30, then youíve won 15 minutes. If it takes longer, youíll know to allow longer next time.

Either way itís win win for you.

Created on: 03/06/2013

It really is about getting the words right.

For years I tried to lose weight by telling myself that I liked feeling hungry.

It didnít work.

It didnít work because I donít like feeling hungry.

Itís working now because Iíve changed the words.

I tell myself that I am feeling thin and elegant and that holding my stomach in is easier when thereís not so much food in my stomach.

Itís also easier to get into my slim leg jeans.

Created on: 01/06/2013

So this means you need a second pair of eyes to look at your stuff. A second pair of eyes to keep your copy customer friendly. Customer friendly copy puts money in your bank.

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