My Mothers Coat

What’s behind the name?

mymotherscoat - more than just words...

A few years back I inherited a coat from my mother. A coat that was both elegant and practical. There was just one small niggle – the monogram on both the coat and the lining – MMC.

These were my mother’s initials, not mine, and they really didn’t mean anything to me. Niggle. Niggle, niggle. Shrug it off. Niggle, niggle, NIGGLE.

I mentioned this in a passing conversation with an acquaintance who soothed and said ‘don’t worry, it will come to you’.

By the time I had said goodbye, put on my mother’s coat and got in the car, there it was. MMC – mymotherscoat. Works for me ;-)

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Gail Bull
September 2010

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